Monday, 14 March 2011

Mobile Casino Gambling Prospects

The mobile casino have now made it possible for you and I to play any of the favorite casino games and come out with real cash winnings even if we are in some very remote locations. Just think of a situation where you are in a staff meeting and one of your colleagues who is armed with his smartphones, begins to gamble through his cell phone and before the meeting ends, he records some brilliant real cash-able wins. This has been the dream of most online casino enthusiasts and the cheering news is that it is fast becoming reality in the mobile casino industry today.

There is no better gambling device we could have that will be more handy than the mobile phones because any one can be gambling even while traveling, or inside a train or while going to work in the morning. Gone where the days when you need to be in the field, watching horse races, football because you can now logon to your mobile phone and place whatever bets that interests you without hassles.

A recent research posits that in the next few years, wagering in the mobile casino devices especially the cell phone will be as much as $40 billion or even more. This is because many gamblers are finding it quite easy to engage in their favorite past time from any location and without any hindrance through their mobile phones.

It is not surprising that many European countries are recording as much as 15 percent of online casino patronages from the mobile phones and other mobile casino gadgets. This is a direct departure from what was obtainable few years back when you have to visit any of the offline brick and mortar casino houses before you can lay or bet in any of your favorite games.

Some are saying that it will be easier for people to gamble away their hard earned monies since the games are now becoming accessible through the mobile phone but it is also true that many gamblers will be able to win lots of cash by gambling at the mobile casino sites.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Mobile Casinos For Apps

Mobile casinos play as well as the gambling casinos online have had a bumpy road toward success, especially for players from the United States, thanks to a law passed during late 2006 that made transactions originating from banks in the US to online gambling sites against the law.

Many workarounds later, players from the US are having a good time playing their favorite online games, and foreign sites are more than happy to have American players in their ranks. Because of the success of online casinos, it is no surprise that these sites and their underlying companies are moving toward the growing trend of mobile applications, letting their players, no matter where in the world they may reside, to play via their Android smartphones, iPhones, and other mobile gadgets. Let's take a look at the current state of mobile gambling and mobile casinos market.

There are a number of pros (as opposed to cons) playing on smartphones mobile casinos games, and online casinos are privy to this fact. For one pro, a computer is not needed, as a phone can be taken anywhere, and with it, your favorite online games. All you need is a data connection to your phone. There are both applications stored on your phone, as well as the mobile edition of the gambling sites to choose from. All this depends on the source of your online gambling enjoyment. It also depends on your global location.

IPhone uses primarily the mobile version of websites as opposed to the applications. In the UK, Betfair talked Apple into giving its blessing for an app, to play Betfair's mobile casinos games on these devices, but unless you live in Ireland or the UK, this isn't going to benefit you. Seeing how strict Apple is about "family friendly" apps, it is surprising that Betfair got the green light. Soon after, the UK and Ireland was blessed again as Paddy Power entered the arena via Apple iPhone apps. Both companies are doing well in the mobile casinos wagering market.

You might not have a smartphone, but some model phones outside this market that run on a JavaScript software do provide casino games. First, in order to play on these types of phones, you need to register for the mobile versions of the sites you want to join. Then things are adjusted to fit the screen of the phone you are using. There is no need for fancy graphics packages to have fun playing mobile casinos games on these models. Think roulette, poker, slots and blackjack, and you'll have a general idea of what types of games are possible to enjoy on these non-smartphone models.

The true champion of the online casino switch to mobile is clearly Android. Paddy Power became the first online site to have an Android app that became available the world over. Phone users have complete access to whatever Paddy Power's online version provides. New mobile casinos accounts can be opened, deposits, withdrawals and bets done all from the app. There is even a history function that let's players see all of their transactions to date. Europe is all over this app.

With the rising success and popularity of mobile phone apps and their devices, it is only to be expected that the online gambling casino is making its way worldwide in the coming year for the mobile casinos apps.