Friday, 6 February 2015

Mobile Slots With Incentives For Grabs

Slots.LV is a forerunner in mobile casino industry with a name you can’t forget. This mobile betting site is run on Proprietary, Betsoft and RTG software offering exclusive games for wagering on the go.

Mobile Slots
Players can enjoy 50+ top mobile casino games, everything from favourites like video poker, European and American Roulette and many Blackjack games, to less popular, but just as enjoyable games like Keno, Darts and Baccarat.

The house also offers many 2D and 3D mobile slots. There are two versions of the games available; Instant play, which use the latest flash technology and does not require downloading the software to your handset, and the downloadable version.

Registering an account is quick and simple and requires filling in just a few details before you can start mobile betting entertainment playing for real money. Both of the different version offer superb graphics and great navigation features.

New players are welcomed with two different mobile casino bonuses available to use in the Slot games and table games including Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker.

If you haven’t already discovered the excitement of mobile slots betting, there’s never been a better time to try the offers out as the house gives away up to $5,000 in free cash!

On top of that, players can snap up $2,000 in match bonuses having fun betting on the most exciting Video Poker, Blackjack or other table games. Slots.LV customers can receive tons of incentives on a regular basis as the house is running many promotions to keep the players entertained.

Mobile Casino
Recently, this mobile betting site has also launched a new VIP programme offering exclusive perks and benefits to the members. Once you qualify for programme you will be contacted by the account manager who will take care of your gambling needs.

Some of the benefits you will receive as a VIP member are exclusive mobile casino bonus promotions and reloads, special gifts, higher loyalty point, faster withdrawal times, higher deposit limits, VIP only events and so much more.

Playing at Slots.LV is a truly thrilling experience in the safe gaming environment. Join all of the gaming excitement at this gaming site and grab all mobile casino bonuses available today!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pocket Fruity Mobile Casino Launches Irish Themed Diddly Diddly Dosh

Get ready for some Irish fun as Diddly Diddly Dosh joins the party at Pocket Fruity along with excellent games such as the Kerrang’s Stairway to Seven mobile slot game.

There are numerous different mobile casinos out there but there are only a few that focus upon pampering their players beyond imagination. They believe in supplying superb mobile casino games that players love getting hooked on. One of these few is mobile betting site Pocket Fruity.

Mobile Casino Bonus
The house offers numerous mobile casino bonuses and many ways to win. It is four reels of pure entertainment and fun.

In this game, you need three or four symbols in order to be able to win. If you find Diddly Dosh symbols, you will enter the Super Feature. There are also mega bonuses to look forward to. Alongside, the Powerplay symbol will fetch you a guaranteed win. Jackpot symbols will give you the progressive jackpot!

Diddly Dosh is a perfect addition to this mobile betting site because it is fun, entertaining, and highly rewarding just like the other games offered by the house. The Kerrang’s Stairway to Seven slot game is a great example. Launched in conjugation with the famous Kerrang Radio, this game is very easy to play mainly because it is doesn’t need to be downloaded and can be played from any smartphone or tablet.

New players get GBP 10 free instantly when they register at the house. Also, they get 100% match mobile casino bonuses when they make their first deposit. This can reach a maximum of GBP 100

New Microgaming Games Go Live at All Slots Casino

All Slots Casino has always been a popular site among fans of Microgaming’s software and many were excited when the group rolled out a mobile platform recently. Piggy Fortunes video slot among four new games launched across multiple channels at online and mobile casino All Slots.

All Slots mobile casino
Now players will be even more thrilled to learn that the mobile betting site has added four new games to its already swelling portfolio of titles. Two of the games will be available for PC and the other two have been readopted to mobile game play.

First up is the single card game among the four games, European Blackjack Gold. The game, played with two decks of card and boasting a ‘redeal’ component, is available on the PC casino platform.

The other gambling titles for PC play is Piggy Fortunes, described by All Slots Casino as “a humorous slot game based on the story of the Three Little Pigs, and is filled with entertaining features."

All Slots Casino also rolled out new mobile slot games this April, Loaded and Break da Bank Again.  Already wildly popular among PC casino players, these two games, one a hip hop themed game and the other based on a heist, are the perfect choice for gamblers on the go.

“By increasing our game offerings on all of our platforms, we demonstrate our commitment to creating exciting and more flexible gaming opportunities for all of our players,” said David Brickman for All Slots Casino.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Jack Wild Mobile Casino Is Live Online

Jack Wild mobile casino is a new creature of Locus Gaming. The gambling group got its egambling license only last year from the Isle of Man gambling jurisdiction and now it is all set to rattle the mobile world with its brand new mobile casino.

The Jack Wild has been fashioned for smartphones and tablet devices, making sure that it meets the requirements of mobile casino games users. It comes with superb new features and unbeatable software, which make it stand out.

“The key thing is that the customer account platform and games are tailored to optimize the customer experience for the devices from which they are accessed,” said co-chief of Locus Gaming Ed Andrewes. “They are not simply bolt-on products to a traditional PC offering and, in the longer term, this can really make the Jack Wild brand stand out.”

Andrewes and the other founder of this gambling group, Mick d’Ancona were actually a part of Ladbrokes, the famous gambling group, until recently. The two exceptionally talented men left the group to come together and form their own gambling group.

You can expect a lot from this new mobile casino because it already offers numerous games including baccarat, slots, roulette, and blackjack. Jack Wild software provider is Realistic Games, which boasts of being very efficient, providing great games over and over again.

If you have never entertain yourself on the go, give a try to the Jack Wild mobile casino games grabbing their welcome promotions as they offer quite decent perks.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Unique Ways To Win Mobile Casino Games

The advancements made in technology have allowed poker and other mobile casino games to be played right at your fingertips. Due to those advancements, you can play your favorite gambling game anytime and anywhere you want. If you are waiting at the airport, you can play mobile poker from your phone to kill some time. If you are bored and needs some relaxation, you can play poker right away. There are plenty of benefits that mobile casino games have brought to the lives of the people.

Mobile Casino Games
Poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world. The winner here is determined by the ranks and combinations of the cards of each player. There are also televised world tours of poker, the World Series of Poker, and the World Poker Tour.

Many individuals are now into poker gaming since you can earn big bucks right away as well as provide relaxation. Aside from the usual casinos, poker can now be played online through computers and laptops.

From computers, poker can now also be played in the mobile phones. Poker on mobile phones is one of numerous mobile casino games that can be played nowadays.

Since poker in mobile phones is still a casino, it is important that you win from playing it. Of course you don’t want the feeling of losing even if it is just a casino game on the phone. In real-life poker, there are strategies used. It can also be used in poker on mobile phones. When you’ve got unique strategies or ways, you can definitely boost your winnings. Not only the winnings are brought by the strategies but it would also improve your overall poker playing skills which can be translated on the real-life game.

There are plenty of types of poker which you can play as mobile casino games. Some of them are Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud. When it comes to the strategies to be used to increase your winnings, you can create your own but it requires a great deal of practice and learning. The poker strategy that you would use depends on your overall reference of play.

One strategy to use is money management. It is very crucial that you properly manage your poker money even if it is only a mobile game. This will practice you to do so when you are in the real poker. The way you handle your money would make or break your poker play.

Since there are numerous types of poker to be played, it is also important to evaluate the table that you would be playing. In this way, you would be able to focus strategy in one particular are which would really help you a lot.

Winning in the mobile casino games would depend on how knowledgeable you are with the game because if you have been playing it for quite some time, you already know the strategies to win.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Don’t Wager Mobile Casino Games Without Reading This!

There are three main classifications of mobile casino games that you can choose from - fortune games, skill games, and a combination of these two. Skill games are typically those that give you better chances of winning if you are really good with using mobile casino games tactics and strategies. Some of the common types of mobile casinos skill games are blackjack games, video poker and mobile poker games.

With regards to fortune-skill games, you may opt for card games like poker and blackjack. The strategies for these two types of mobile casino games vary in each specific game as well as the mobile casinos might have different sets of rule of the games. They are unlike in the games of chance such as mobile slot games and roulette.

Fortune mobile casino games have no specific sets of strategies but there are some ways that can help you maximize your chances of winning. All you need to do is to use your analytic skills and practice self-discipline when playing these fantastic mobile casino games.

When it comes to mobile slot games, one of the simplest things that you can do to beat the house is to create a proper bankroll management. This can be done by identifying first the amount of bankroll needed for every mobile slot games type as based on a three-coin maximum bet with a 90% payout rate and 10 spins per minute rating. Typical bankroll figures include the nickel machine at $9 per hour, quarter machine at $45 per hour, one dollar machine at $180 per hour, and 5 dollar machine at $900 per hour.

Knowing these details, your next step would be to decide on how long you are willing to play for each mobile casino games betting session, as well as on how many sessions you want to play in every mobile casino trip. Once you have decided for the specific amount of cash to be spent in each session, it is advised to discipline yourself not to spend beyond this amount even if you still have plenty of time left.

It is advisable locating the best, in terms of payouts, mobile slot machines by making a research. Once you have found one, determine the corresponding denomination machine according to your established bankroll management. You may also prefer to play slowly in flat pay machines if you are a beginner and you want to be more familiar with the actual game first. When you are already playing, make sure that your credit meter is activated by checking if the button is lit.

Usually, it would be a good idea to run a few spins through the machine to accommodate yourself to the mobile casinos betting environment. As soon as you beat the house, collect your winnings and cash it out in the mobile casino cashier’s. Lastly, you can also use your profits to advance to progressive mobile casino games or those with higher denomination.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Mobile Casino Games Wagering Quick Guide

Mobile Casino Games
Before, going to the casinos were the only way where you can place your bet or gamble for a certain game. Today, online casinos are already available and with the help of the computer, you can already place your bet. Aside from having the online casinos, mobile casino games are already gaining some popularity to bettors. Since these bettors need to bet for their favorite team or mobile game every day, looking for a computer just to be able to bet would cost some time which is not very ideal. Bettors like you need to have the convenience in betting and mobile casino games can certainly offer it. There will be no time constraints which makes it very attractive to bettors like you. With only a cellular phone in your hands, you can now wager for your favorite mobile game.

When you play casino games on your phone, you would have the luxury of having your bets on your fingertips. In matter of years, mobile casino would be dominating the world of gambling that is why you should have the best mobile casino game in your phone. Though it offers fewer games than the traditional casinos and the online casinos, it would still keep you occupied.

There are numerous ways in order to bet in the casino games of your cellular phone. Some of those ways, though, would still cost you some valuable time which is not good especially in a fast-paced lifestyle that everyone has nowadays. It is important that you get a software provider for your mobile game that would provide you the quickest way to wager or bet. You should get rid of the slower ways to bet since it does not give you the ability to earn quickly.

One way to have a quick way to bet is through the use of software applications that would give you faster mobile gaming experience. Through these software applications, you would be able to play the best mobile casino games around. One of the best mobile gaming software applications is PlayTech. Some of the casino games featured under these software applications are for slot games, table and card games, fixed odds games, scratch card games, video poker, and a range of Asian-facing games. Aside from offering mobile games for casinos, this software is also available for games of online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo games, online sports betting, scratch games, live dealer games, and fixed odds arcade games online.

When you are looking for a quick way to wager in casino games for cellular or mobile phones, you must get a reliable provider. Your mobile casino games betting experience would be better when you got a gaming software that is among the best.